Website Uptime Monitoring Services and Their Qualities

4Uptime monitoring is one among the important components and plays an important role to maintain an efficient presence online. Any duration of outages can be very costly. A downtime can affect your company’s performance caused by sales loss and many others. It may also impact your company’s image or reputation. It is known to many that a downtime is always a risk.

It is no longer a matter of how strong and secured a website is made, unpredictable circumstances will still bring it down. It is natural with most complex systems. Something to watch over the site for you so you get notified if something wrong is going on, and a site monitoring service is what you need.

Be very careful and observant to low-priced site monitoring services, they are a danger. Many of them are more than just simple codes that are hosted in what is called “the cloud” and runs on shared servers.

Here are some characteristics you need to consider when looking for a good website monitoring service:

1. Redundancy: Only few services are maintaining more than just one NOC or Network Operations Center. Many of them do not have full control during critical situations because the operations are run on shared server and is hosted by a an outside company. Make sure that your service is maintained in a dedicated server and connection. Is my website up? Learn how to know here. Monitoring services that are maintained in separated NOCs will back you up in times of trouble especially when there are network outages like connection interruption, DoS or denial-of-service attacks, power failure and many others.

2. Multi-Monitoring Locations: Lots of website monitoring services only monitor from one, maybe two locations. When these monitoring services obtain an error when connecting to the website, they wouldn’t know if they have lost connection or if you are down. A constant false alert would possibly be a result. Seek for the service that is monitoring from different locations and contains a robust system structure that can help verify faults from the other locations that a real problem is happening when you receive the error.

3. Interval of Monitoring: What do you think is the best time interval to monitor your site? This is just what many services do. Make certain that your monitoring service provide good choices of intervals that you can choose from so you are able to customize the settings to what is needed. A one minute interval is what the best monitoring service provide to properly maintain site performance.

4. Notifying Methods: Many of these services notify only through email. Email alerts are a good defense, however, there lots of things that can absolutely hinder an email delivery and this is a great danger specifically when you don’t receive a crucial alert. The best services offer the option of getting text message to notify you. Just make sure that your monitoring service uses real text message delivery and not that of your providers email-to-sms feature. The best monitoring services not only offer email and sms options but also the ability for you to receive phone calls when things get worse. When you answer, an automated voice will provide you full information of what the trouble is and what is affected.

A good online presence will always be a product of a good service and of course your hard work. Still, time will come that it will go down for unexpected reasons. Be sure that you are under the protection of a good monitoring service. Look for the service that is able to work hard as you do for a better performance.

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